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r o s a n n a [userpic]

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November 26th, 2005 (05:39 pm)


Can now be found as

r o s a n n a [userpic]

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September 23rd, 2005 (04:30 pm)

.It's a Mess For A Reason.

If you come by my journal and it is a mess its because I'm editing the layout and have not finished yet. Thankly :)

ETA: Okay, now I've changed it and it's back to the old layout from like ages ago. It's not going to be left like that, it's just temp. while I do the other one which I can't fix right now because I'm not at home ;)


Does it look prettyful? Please drop by and tell me :)

r o s a n n a [userpic]

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August 13th, 2005 (08:49 pm)

Feelin': bouncy
Spazzing Out To: Green Day - Are We The Waiting

.It's Back and I Love It!.

I wanted to take this oppertunity to tell ya'll that my fave board, Entertainment Boards is back! Ut got hacked, but now it's back and better than ever! If you love TV, Music, Celebs, Movies and well general fun (RP!!) then ya should join!

Quick pointer: Put Poppy Montgomery as your referer :)

(Birthday Post Coming Soon!)

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